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Article 49.6 of the Constitution of Mongolia states there shall be a Judicial Disciplinary Committee with the function of suspending, dismissing, and imposing other disciplinary actions against judges under the procedures and grounds specified in the law and its power, operational procedure, requirements for the members and appointment procedure shall be determined by law.

Main activities and functions - Under Article 95.1 of the Law on the Judiciary, the Disciplinary Committee is an independent body with duties, such as suspending from the position of judge, dismissing a judge and imposing other disciplinary actions under the procedure, and the grounds specified in the law and there shall be only one  Disciplinary Committee in the country.

The State Great Hural’s approval of the revised Law on Judiciary of Mongolia on January 15, 2021, which purpose is to ensure a fair judicial system, judicial independence from outside and to enhance citizen’s participation in the administration of justice is a step up in building fairness in Mongolia.