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Grounds for complaints to the Disciplinary Committee

A person, official, or legal entity who believes that a judge has committed disciplinary misconduct may submit a complaint or application to the Disciplinary Committee to initiate a disciplinary case against a judge.

A person is responsible for disciplinary misconduct in cases such as if abuses the official position specified in Articles 50.1.1-50.1.40, 51.1, 52, and 53 of the Law on the Judiciary, creates an advantage for himself or others,  discloses state confidential information of an organization or an individual’s personal information taken during the exercise of the official duty, makes public statements during ongoing proceedings before the official court’s decision, accepts any kinds of gifts or remunerations that are not permitted by law, holds a leadership or any other positions in political organizations, engages in political activities, publicly speaks or supports any political party, participates in political donations, meets and communicates with one side of the parties in other side's absence, engages in behavior while on duty or in private which may harm the proceedings, discriminates people based on their origin, ethnicity, religion, race, etc. In total, in 45 cases a judge is considered to have committed disciplinary misconduct.


A year and a half have passed since the establishment of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee. During this period, in accordance with Article 6 of the Law on the Judiciary, "... if a Judicial Disciplinary Committee is established, the cases and disputes under the Court Ethics Committee, the Pre-trial Review Court and the Administrative Court of Appeal review shall be transferred to the Disciplinary Committee." Therefore,  the Disciplinary Committee has received and solved 283 transferred complaints as well as 210 new complaints from citizens.

Out of these, 295 complaints were not considered to be disciplinary violations per the law, 194 complaints and 20 complaints that were submitted as a rejection of the initial decision of not considering as disciplinary misconduct as well as 10 applications transferred from the Court Ethics Committee making a total of 224 cases & disputes have been examined and processed.