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Structure and staff of the Disciplinary Committee of Mongolia

The Disciplinary Committee of Mongolia shall consist of nine members. It includes:

     A. One judge from the Pre-trial Review Court, two from the Court of Appeal, and one judge from the First Instance Court. The Disciplinary Committee members are elected by the General Assembly of Judges by secret ballot. As for the remaining five members of the Disciplinary Committee, they will be appointed by the State Great Hural. A sole non-judge member of the Disciplinary Committee shall be a citizen who has never worked as a judge.

     B. The term of the Disciplinary Committee shall be six years and members shall be elected and appointed only once. The term of the Committee member expires with the appointment of the next Committee member. 

The Law on the Judicial came into effect on March 1, 2021, and according to the resolution of the First Session of the General Assembly of Judges, dated October 11, 2021, 4 judges were appointed as members of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee, and by the resolution of the State Great Hural dated November 18, 2021 5 non-judge members were appointed. The power of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee members is in effect since November 18, 2021.

Consultation of Judicial Disciplinary Committee under Article 95.17 of the Law on the Judicial, the "Charter of the organization and operation" was approved per Resolution No. 03 dated January 26, 2022, and has been working with 3 departments: Administrative Management Department, Legal Department, and Data Analytics Department.